Warlock WeakAuras for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Warlock WeakAuras for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Complete Warlock WeakAuras for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. When properly paired together: Core, Utilities & Dynamic contain an exhaustive setup for Affliction Warlock, Demonology Warlock and Destruction Warlock by covering rotational abilities, cooldowns, resources and utilities. They will also cover Covenant Abilities, Conduits & Legendary Items.

How to install

Before you do anything, it is really important that you make sure you have the latest version of the WeakAuras AddOn installed. Once WeakAuras is installed and up-to-date follow these instructions:

  1. Copy the group you want to import by clicking the corresponding button right bellow these instructions.
  2. Back in World of Warcraft, open the AddOn by typing /wa in chat
  3. Click Import on the top left.
  4. Paste the import code by doing CTRL + V.
  5. In the window that open up, click Import Group.
  6. Repeat the process for all 3 groups.

How to track Soulbinds?

Since Soulbinds are shared across every class, I’ve made a separate common group that is imported separately.

How can I move or resize the WeakAuras?

If you want to move all groups at the same time, simply open WeakAuras click on the Core Group and manually move it with your cursor or enter a X and Y value in the Group Tab. All other groups are linked to the Core Group and will move accordingly. You can also change the Group Scale of Core in the Group Tab and all groups will be scaled and updated.

How can I see cooldown numbers on my WeakAuras?

Inside World of Warcraft go to Interface > Action Bars & Check: Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

How can I disable the Cast Bar?

Select “Cast – Bar (Warlock)” inside the Core Group, click the Load Tab and simply check “Never”.

Are you having issues?

If you’re having trouble with the installation, you can join Discord and ask for assistance or simply ask me any question while I’m live on Twitch. It will be my pleasure to help and assist you.