Complete list of the most useful resources & guides available for Lost Ark.

Resources & Guides

Name Link Description
Maxroll Click Build Guides, Island Information, Leveling Guides & Much more!
Panunika Click Guides, Map, Build Planner & Much more!
Saintone’s Lost Ark FAQ Click Every popular question about the game answered.
Saintone’s Complete Lost Ark Guide Click Full comprehensive guide on all aspect and tiers of Lost Ark.
Interactive World Map Click Interactive Map with all Islands & Seed Locations.
Lost Ark Database Click Full Database of all itms, quests & more.
Skill Calculator Click Build Planner & Skill Calculator
Reitear’s Stats & Builds Click Class Builds & Recommended Stats.
Fogelstrom’s Lost Ark Release Plan Click Descriptive guide of Lost Ark Release Plan for leveling & gearing.

Official Community Links

Name Link Description
Lost Ark Website Click Official Website for Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Forums Click Official Lost Ark Forums.
Lost Ark Community Discord Click Official Lost Ark Discord.
Lost Ark Reddit Click Lost Ark Reddit.